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Many diseases have their origin in the gut. An imbalance of gut microbes makes the immune system to go on a rampage, which in turn accumulates in the development of inflammatory diseases, mental disorders, diabetes, obesity, etc...
But there is more. Understanding how to nourish your microbiome can not only protect you from future diseases but can improve your health immediately!
If there is one sentence you should remember today then it is the following:

"The composition of our Microbiome is highly adaptable. Little changes in the nutrition can have a big impact and imbalances are reversible in a short time!"

Understanding what food benefits our gut inhabitants and what not is critical. With a diet high in fiber, good fats, and occasional probiotics you will notice how your health can improve in a short time. Whether you just want to lose some fat or increase your productivity - by smart changes your gut bacteria via your nutrition you will notice quick improvements.

A diet, designed to be easy and effective is the Microbiome Diet. It includes food that possesses scientifically proven health benefits.