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The immune system protects us from harmful bacteria or viruses and eliminates toxins. A functional immune system is critical for survival and good health.
But the immune system can be a double-edged sword. A constantly activated immune system will start attacking the own body and can lead to devastating auto-immune diseases like inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis. But even slightly increased inflammatory levels in the body are connected to heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

The bottom line is: We want our immune system to be active when it's necessary and don't use itself up against the own body due to wrong signals.

And while the immune system is extremely complex, newest research accumulates that shows us that our Gut Microbes are actually the Regulators of our Immune Cells!

With our diet, we can influence our immune system. Directly and indirectly via our microbes!

Blogs and videos will show recent research on this topic and will demonstrate how the microbiome controls the immune system.

A diet with anti-inflammatory properties is the Microbiome Diet, which includes food that has been tested in studies for its immune regulating functions.