The Gut-Brain Axis

How your microbiome protecs your brain

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Recent research demonstrates how our microbiome not only affects our physical health but also our mental health and performance.
This includes our general mood, our cognitive functions, like learning and memory and even the way we make decisions can be affected by our gut inhabitants.
Furthermore, brain disorders like autism and depression can be traced back to a disrupted microbiome.

Multiple Sclerosis and the Microbiome

Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating auto-immune disease where the immune system runs amok and attacks it's own cells. Recent research shows a connection between the microbiome and multiple sclerosis and in some special cases, a reset of the microbiome could avert the disease.
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The Microbiome influences your Happiness

95% of the serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract and unlike our own cells, bacteria can synthesize the precursor for serotonin production - tryptophan. Scientist found a simple addition of probiotics can drastically increase blood tryptophan concentrations.
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Memory and Microbes

Memory is nothing we would necessarily connect with our intestines. However, scientist from Toronto, Canada found a most interesting connection.
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Microbiome, Alzheimer's and BDNF


The Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is an important protein for the survival, growth and differentiation of neurons and BDNF levels decline while aging and are generelly low in patients with Alzheimer's diseases.
Researchers found that mice treated with antibiotics had lower BDNF levels in the Hippocampus - the part of the brain responsible for memory function.
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The Microbiome influences your Personality

The statement "have guts" was literally tested by scientists from Canada. They tested in mice whether a transfer of microbes from brave mice to shy mice and vice versa also transfers their courage / risk taking behaviors.
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