The Microbiome and Mental Health

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Neurological disorders are on a rise - from Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis to depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Recent research shows us not only ways to treat and prevent these diseases but to improve our cognitive functions.
The health and productivity of the brain are influenced by a big part by our Microbiome!

The health of the trillions of microbes living in our guts can dictate the fate of our brain brains - they can influence your mood and behavior - and nurturing the beneficial microbes can boost your mental clarity and productivity! 

You will understand, how a sick microbiome can lead to depression, memory dysfunctions, and autism, but we will also learn how a reset of the microbiome and a focus on a microbiome-friendly diet can avert and treat these diseases.
You will see amazing frontline research on how your gut microbes influence your personality and your stress levels.
We will present case studies where people fought off Multiple Sclerosis or Tourette syndrome with a reset of the microbiome.

The connection between our Gut and our Brain - the Gut-Brain Axis - is a burgeoning topic and more and more research is coming out that shows us new ways to protect and improve our brains - by a focus on the health of our microbes!