A Great Gut Feeling is about improving physical and mental health by focusing on your microbiome health.  Our mission is to provide tips and advice, backed by scientific research that will help you secure a healthy and productive life!

A Great Gut Feeling will show you why you should care about the trillions of microbes living inside you and how tight the connection is between a healthy gut and a healthy body.

We aim to provide you with the foundational understanding of your microbiome in order to help you improve your health, reduce your inflammation levels, lose weight, unlock your brain capacity, and prevent future diseases - All of these improvements can be made by reseting of your microbiome through smart changes in your diet.

The authors of this website are a Ph.D. Student in Microbiology and Immunology and a Med Student and our aim is it to bring the newest research to the public and show how to utilize the results for a most healthy life!