My Story



Since I started to workout, I was on the hunt for the optimal nutrition, fulfilling at least four criteria:
- prevents illnesses
- easy
- effective
- improves productivity

After trying different diets for many years, my frustration grew because of two things:
- No diet could fulfill all four criteria!
- No diet was backed up by science!
The latter was more reason for frustration, as I choose a career path in molecular biology, where everything needs to have scientific evidence.

Therefore, I stopped listening to anything without evidence and applied the same research I do in the lab for my health!

After a lot of controversies and some amount of frustration (studies continuously disproved each other), I had my first encounter with the burgeoning field around the Microbiome.
I started to dig into this and bought more books, read more paper and applied those diet on myself.

Why does the Microbiome amazes me?

Finally, the controversy disappeared, study results became consistent and it is simply amazing how your Gut Microbes can have such an impact on your weight, health, and brain!

And yes, a Microbiome Diet fulfills my four criteria.
- it prevents illnesses - from cold to disease like inflammatory diseases, brain disorders or diabetes.
- it is easy, as the Microbiome Diet is more about adding the right things than restricting yourself
- it is effective - losing body fat can be easy by understanding the biochemistry of the body!
- it increases your productivity manyfold. The connection between your brain and your microbiome/your diet is not to underestimate!

What justifies me to give advice on this topic?

I am certainly not as qualified as physicians and scientist, who work in this area for decades. And for sure my writing skills will not persuade you either, as I am born and raised in Germany.
However, I do my Ph.D. Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, which gives me the benefit to understand the literature on this topic. Also, my obsession with health and my curiosity to test and question everything will bring us clarity about all the science out there!

And that’s what it is about:

  • Providing newest research in a comprehensible way

  • Self-tests on myself and other people

  • Focus on smart changes that make a big difference